Smart Targeting

It's all about engaging people at the right time on the right place. Mobligo understands the demands of today’s evolving digital environment. We create breakthrough innovative technology to engage audience and drive brands from strategy to results. Mobligo offers smart solutions for high-quality user acquisition utilizing the latest mobile performance marketing methods.

Using our advanced and innovative platform, we provide various solutions for all types of advertisers, allowing them to increase brand engagement and assist in meeting their mobile advertising goals.

Mobligo supports all major campaign targeting options .Our big-data and experience-driven advertising systems create a variety of campaign options that fit every need - from boosting promotions, to hyper targeting campaigns. Mobligo's variety of ad formats allows us to target millions of users to your mobile app or web page.

Mobligo offers full transparency and detailed dashboard for reporting and analytics. We allow you to see all relevant metrics and statistics in real time - this enables you to make true data-driven decisions. With our analytics you have all the information in one place, enabling you to make decisions based on up-to-date data. It's not enough to let someone handle your app distribution, no matter how good they are. You need a partner that can supply you with real time reports and tracking statistics. With us you get advanced tools that can help you with keeping a close watch on your app performance.

Mobligo supplies you with risk free advertising, allowing you to get real results per investment. All our traffic is sold on CPI and CPD - no more paying for CPC and CPM. We know how to handle high volume downloads and installs across the most popular platforms. The pricing model is based on measurable actions. You’re only charged once the required install, action or engagement is completed by the user.

Mobligo has partners all over the world and offers you true global coverage. No matter on what platform or region you would like to distribute your App, we can make it happen on a large scale.

Mobligo's business partners are some of the biggest world-leading advertisers in the mobile industry.
Enjoy our strong dedicated account management and technical support teams to reach the highest possible ROI.

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