Ad Formats

Mobligo offers a variety of ad formats and tools to ensure you have everything you need to maximize your profits. Use our effective and advanced tools to monetize your software on iOS and Android easily and quickly.

Offer Wall

Easily turn non-paying users into revenues with an advertising platform that helps you promote your services and monetize your mobile application. Expose your application to thousands of new users in countries around the world to increase your user base.

App Wall

App Wall is an advanced ad format that is quickly growing in popularity due to its effectiveness. Use App Wall to show your ad directly to users from inside an application, providing them with a better user experience and increasing your revenues through increased engagement.

Native Ads

Completely customize the look and feel of your ads for an optimized campaign that integrates seamlessly with your app and fully supports your brand. By creating ads that match the app's design, you can greatly increase user engagement and conversion rates.

Banner Ads

Show your ads in apps without interfering with the users' activities. We support all of the standard sizes and provide you with all of the tools and information you need to get started. Get constant exposure to new users every day.


With full screen clickable ads, you'll instantly see increased revenues. Interstitials are particularly popular in the mobile advertising industry due to the high user engagement and eCPM rates compared to other formats. With Mobligo, you can easily adjust the size and look of your ad for maximum results.

Video Ads

Video ads are rapidly gaining popularity in the mobile industry as advertisers benefit from significantly increased user engagement rates and even customer reviews. Creating a video that is entertaining and appealing to your users will pique their interest and increase your conversion rates.

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